EXPIRED: Save 20% on iTunes credit at Coles Supermarkets!

coles_boxing_day_20Another great post Christmas deal, this time on iTunes credit. Save 20% on iTunes credit at Coles supermarkets starting tomorrow, 26th December 2013! We are not sure if we will see a better deal for a while, so if you need some credit now would be a great time to top up your account.

This deal expires 31st December 2013!

Thanks to Mia for letting us know about this one!

[Source: Coles]

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  • kate


Interesting. I went to my coles yesterday to get 2 itunes vouchers $20 each as I had heard on the coles radio that they were on discount at 20% off.She told me they weren't discounted aand insisted it must have been woolies so I sat there trying to argue looking like a big pov and ended up purchasing them at full price to save the embarrassment.Really annoyed

  • David Turk


Hi again,I have contacted Coles head office, and expected a reply today, but alas none ( Ponders > http://www.choice.com.au/reviews-and-tests/money/shopping-and-legal/legal/companies-that-are-hard-to-contact.aspx ).It's really no way to run a business, that have these 'special' announcements that, my case, store staff are unaware/unsure off, and then have the register not provide an automatic discount, as others here have also indicated.May I suggest others leave such feedback as well.

  • Jane


I bought cards this morning at Coles. The checkout girl said the deal is valid until the 4th, however the register did not give the discount. The service desk refunded the difference.

  • Allen


I heard the similar thing at Coles World Square (Sydney), but didn't catch the exact end date though, as it was too noisy. It was also not advertised in store. Can anyone verify it ?

  • David Turk


Hi,This reply has to be verified and may not apply to all.Whilst shopping at Coles (Postcode 3183) this morning, I swear I heard on the in house Coles Radio, played in store, that iTunes cards were still on special until Jan 4th...6th (TBC).Thinking since I missed out on last weeks special, I would test this out.Store staff had no clue, and the terminals would not offer any discounts. They had to call the manager who also had issue with the terminals offering a discount, but in the end he said to staff to just "fudge" itSo I got my discount of 20%, but I await confirmation on if this is a real deal or not, or if I misheard.

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