EXPIRED: Get 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30 at Harvey Norman throughout June [save 25%]

It feels like an eternity since we’ve seen a decent discount on iTunes cards. We’ve had plenty of 20% off deals, but not much higher than that.

Thankfully all this month, Harvey Norman is offering 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30. A face value saving of 25%!


The offer ends on June 30, unless sold out earlier (which has happened before). The deal is also limited to one per person.

You can get the offer in-store or online, with delivery for $3 per card.

Thanks to Ainslie who sent this one in.

[Source: Harvey Norman]

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  • Luke


Just went into Kensington supcentre and the machine that creates them is broken :/

  • Simon


Good point... didn't have the time or inclination to force the issue at the time but I'll be back around there today and might take the ad in with me. Need to renew a magazines subscription through iBooks and don't feel like paying full price.

  • Mark


If they don't know about i store just ask them to check their junk mail flier.. It's in their so they have to make the sale

  • Doug


Besides letters being 70c now, iTunes cards (in their retail pack) are too big to post in a small letter. Minimum large letter price is at least $1.40, then add some sort of registered/signature option will push it towards to $3 mark quite easily.The sales rep on the other hand, clueless! :)

  • Simon


Just told the deal was no longer valid at Mornington store.

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