EXPIRED: Save 20% on iTunes cards when you bulk buy at Officeworks

We just don’t know what to make of Officeworks and their iTunes deals.  They’re just all over the place.

For example, in the current catalogue they have this ‘in-store only’ promotion, where you can get $20 iTunes gift cards for $16 if you buy between 5 or more, but no more than ten in one transaction. (save 20%)


Yet on their website, you can just get the straight up 20% discount on all their cards, no bulk purchase required. Although the ten card limit is still in force.

So who knows what’s going on. The only thing we can say that most of the time Officeworks has a discount going on iTunes gift cards. If they don’t, you should be able to get them to price match any other deal going.

Thanks to Peter again for his contribution to the site with all his tips!

Other known current gift card promotions


  • Rob


Apparently NOT expired until October 8th, according to http://catalogues.officeworks.com.au/catalogue/officeworks-catalogue--the-lowest-price-to-achieve-more/14097947235300.html#pageNo=6&offerId=14102292018499

  • Penny


Officeworks in Shepparton have a deal where you get 20% off the $20 ITunes vouchers but you have to purchase 5. This deal started on 15th & runs until the end of the month & is in their new catalogue. However when I phoned them they told me there was no special on. I then went into the store & they once again said there was no special on. I had to show them the deal on my IPAD & then in the catalogue to prove there was a special but when they scanned the vouchers no discount occurred. They then told me there was no way they could discount the vouchers because they couldn't change the price on the register. It was only after arguing with the manager & suggesting changing the price through 'price match guarantee' did I get my discounted vouchers. Really poor customer service! - it probably would have just been easier just paying full price.

  • Marj


LOL 5 kg Bytes

  • Rowan


Yeah I just had a look myself and it looks like they've finished it up. Have marked the deal as expired. Knowing Officeworks, they'll probably have 20% off iTunes starting tomorrow :)

  • luke


Update. Tried purchasing online- same thing- no discount applied.

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