EXPIRED: 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30 at Kmart [save 25%]

If you missed out on Target’s slip up last week and you need to stock up on credit, Kmart has you covered with a pretty good deal starting from tomorrow, Thursday November 27.


Right up until December 7, you’ll be able to snag 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30, a saving of 25% off!

As always, let us know in the comments below how you get on.

Thanks to Brandon and Selina who emailed us about this deal.

[Source: Kmart via Ozbargain]

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  • Sun


Sold out at kmart Chatswood :(

  • Me


Derr! Read the first line, they had no $20 and the sale was day one!!!!!

  • S


The offer clearly states it's the $20 cards. Why would you expect a discount on $50 cards?

  • Me


Went to Cranbourne Kmart on Thursday and they had none! Yeah right! Brought 3x $50 cards, but no discount, no rain check and no sorry! From Ms no More Shop There!

  • Wayne


I just bought 8 at Kmart belco as well... $20 cards are near the layby counter... (The main counter has no $20 ones left)!! Awesome

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