2014 – A year in review

2014 was another strong year for the site, with continued growth beyond anything I could have hoped for. In 2014, we actually had over 1 million page views! It still amazes me how far this has all one. Five years ago, I never would have thought we’d be where we are today!

Site statistics

  • Total visits – up +27% compared to 2013
  • Pageviews – up +30.9% compared to 2013
  • Unique visitors – up +39.4% – compared to 2013

Top 3 deals for 2014 (based on page views)

Social Network Counters

  • Facebook – 3,401 people follow the page (up from 2,627 in 2013)
  • Twitter – 2,681 people following
  • Google Plus -110 people following
  • RSS – 1,755 subscribed to the feed
  • Email newsletter – 1,956 subscribers
  • Google Calendar – Unfortunately, I can’t find out how exactly how many subscribers we have for this

2015 and beyond!

In 2015, we will continue to bring all the gift card info to you that we can! We’re also considering a site redesign!

Thank you to all of you for your support and readership this year. It’s your positive emails and comments that keep us going!

Rowan & Tim

  • Nate

    Guys, we really do appreciate the heads up on discount vouchers. You do a tremendous job and perhaps we don’t say thanks as much as we should but your efforts are always met with gratitude.

    I check the site daily, along with thousands of others and I only buy iTunes vouchers based on your advice so I just wanted to say a massive thanks and I’m really looking forward to more fantastic deals on 2015. Bring on more of the Harvey Norman’s “buy one $20 iTunes voucher and get the second one free” offers!!

    Thanks guys

  • jleetj

    Thanks for helping us save all the dollars!!

  • Selina

    Thanks for the time you out into this. I use this site so much. I also promise to let you know of any specials I find along the way.

  • Simon

    Thanks Rowan and Tim! I always check this site when I need some Apple credit and your posts have never let me down!

    Looking forward to a fantastic 2015!