EXPIRED: Officeworks has “iTunes gift cards at the lowest prices, every day”

UPDATE 30/12/15: Officeworks now have all iTunes gift cards including $20 cards for 20% off. $20 and $30 cards have a purchase limit of 10 per customer, $50 cards have a limit of 6 per customer and $100 cards have a limit of 3 per customer.

About 12 months ago I went into an Officeworks store asking if they have iTunes cards on special. The response I got was, “iTunes gift cards are always on special at here”. With an Officeworks discount post on this site running pretty much full time since then, I tend to agree.


I think it’s fair to say that not only will they price match beat other retailers on advertised deals, but they actively discount around the 20% mark most of the time. Right now, for example, you can get 20% off $30, $50 and $100 iTunes cards and 10% off $20 cards.

Good work Officeworks!

Thanks to Gavin and Mohammed for the latest tips.

[Source: Officeworks]

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  • Em


Unfortunately this policy excludes third party products such as phone credits and gift cards, including iTunes cards. This is the same for Coles, woolies and officeworks... Even if you get angry enough it is physically impossible for the service personal to override prices or refund third party products, depending on the service system they operate on.

  • Brent


Depends on the store. For retailers such as Woolies and Coles the scanning code of practise is very clear that for an item that scans higher than the advertised price the buyer is entitled to that item free and all subsequent same items at the advertised price.

  • Damon


Jonny is correct here - you can push the issue depending on company policy, but unless it's demonstrable that the store was intentionally misleading behaviour it's at their discretion.This recent article from LawAnswers sums it up quite well; https://www.lawanswers.com.au/blog/australian-consumer-law-rights-incorrect-pricing/

  • Jonny_Warren


That's a common misconception. There is no law that states that they have to honour an incorrectly ticketed price, it's at the managers discretion.

  • Lauren


I went to Officeworks a few months ago and they had an offer that was still being advertised in the store (even though it had expired the day before). Legally stores have to give you the advertised price, but when I got to the counter they said that they weren't able to give it to me for that pride. I was unimpressed.

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