EXPIRED: Save 10% on $150 Flight Centre gift cards at Woolworths

flightcentre_wooloworths_10percentoffThis one is a little different to the gift card deals we normally see, and could actually work out to be a bit of a saving if anyone is planning a holiday over Christmas/New Year.

This week at Woolworths, you can get 10% off a $150 Flight Centre gift card (plus activation fee).

You’ll save $15.75 overall and only pay $141.75 for the card, which if you bought up to the maximum of ten cards would be a healthy little saving.

You’ve got until Tuesday 8th December to take advantage of this deal.

[Source: Woolworths]

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  • Rowan


Yeah, it is a bit cheeky...

  • NicholasP


turns out the "activation fee" is $7.50 per CARD...so normal purchase cost of a Flight Centre $150 Gift Card is actually $157.50.. so the effective saving on the actual face value of the card is only $8.25 (or just over 5%). Sure it's a saving and if you're buying the maximum of 10 allowed that becomes $82.50, which isn't too bad... but then you have to factor in the time it takes to buy the cards at Woolworths and then the time it takes the travel agent to actually process the cards when you present them, it isn't as flash a saving as originally thought.I'm actually quite shocked at how high the activation fee is!That said I'm thrilled to see other "non-iTunes" vouchers been offered with discounts here :)

  • Nicholas P


These can also be used at any Flight Centre Group travel agent... So Escape Travel, STM and Cruiseabout!

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