EXPIRED: 20% off $30, $50 & $100 iTunes gift cards at Target from Boxing Day

iTunes discounts are a little scarce this Boxing Day sales period. We’re hoping we’ll start to see a few more come through in the coming days.

target_itunes_20percent_boxingdayFor now, Target has you covered with 20% off $30, $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards.

The deal specifically says no $20 or variable limit cards and also that “limits apply”. We’re not sure what those limits are, so please let us know in the comments below if you hit it.

This promotion ends on Wednesday January 6th.

[Source: Target]

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  • Colin


No sign at the Eastland store but when I went to checkout, it was discounted. It was in the catalogue

  • Jeff


Plus, this website is .au, so yeah, chances are it's not going to work in Orlando, FL or anywhere else in the US

  • Jeff


If you actually click the link, it is for Target Australia and the cards are only usable for iTunes Australia.

  • Jay


Orlando Target says no. But they will price match certain stores.

  • Johnny


Went to Liverpool target Didn't see the sign 20% off iTunes cards Tis Boxing Day today

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