EXPIRED: 10% off selected gift cards at Woolworths!

If you’re after something different to the current Skype and iTunes deals available, Woolworths have another great offer that may be of interest instead!

Until next Tuesday March 22nd, you can get 10% off the following gift cards in store with no apparent card limit:

  • Kathmandu $50 and $100 cards
  • Quickflix $20 and $50 cards
  • iSubscribe $60 cards
  • Accor Hotels’ $100 and $200 cards
  • bras N things $30 and $50 cards
  • Red Balloon $50 and $100 cards and $150 multi pack
  • Airtasker $50 cards
  • Ticketmaster $100 cards


Thanks to Christine for sending this tip in and for the picture.

[Source: Woolworths]

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