EXPIRED: Get nearly 33% off $50 iTunes cards at Costco (Membership Required)

EDIT: This offer has now ended, it unfortunately looks like this special was for one day only. 

Wow! Here’s a great deal you don’t see every day!

Right now at Costco Wholesale stores in Australia, you can get $50 iTunes gift cards for $33.63 each. This represents a saving of 32.74% off the face value, which is the highest we’ve seen in a VERY long time.

Picture source: Ozbargain

NOTE: You must be a member of Costco to be able to enter the store and purchase this deal.

The deal is limited to 5 cards per customer per day. There is no word on an end date, but their latest round of specials finish on June 5. We’ll try and find out.

To find your nearest Costco store, check out their site. Membership costs $60 per year for individuals, and in this writer’s opinion the Bagels alone are worth the price of admission.

Thanks to John who tipped us off about this one.

[Source: Ozbargain]

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