EXPIRED: 20% off all Good Food and selected iTunes cards at Woolworths

There are two great deals on gift cards this week at Woolworths that have a 20% discount!

First of all, Woolworths have 20% off $30, $50, $100 and variable iTunes gift cards. This offer applies only to variable cards if they have a value between $30 and $500. There is a card limit of 5 gift cards per transaction for this deal. (Unfortunately this deal excludes $20 value cards as per usual.)


The second deal is for 20% off all Good Food restaurant gift cards. There is no apparent card limit for this offer, so please let us know in the comments if you find out otherwise in store.


Both of these deals are valid to November 15th in stores only.

Thanks to JohnEvan, David, TalithaLuke on Twitter and Kevin on Facebook for sending these deals in!

[Source: Woolworths]

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