EXPIRED: 10% off Sportscraft/Saba cards and 50% off selected Adrenaline & Skype cards at Woolworths!

As well as the Google Play offer we mentioned previously, Woolworths have even more deals to offer starting tomorrow.

First up, you can get 50% off $50 Adrenaline cards and $10 and $25 Skype gift cards!

The Adrenaline cards have a limit of 5 cards per transaction, but there is no apparent limit for the Skype ones.


As well as this, Woolworths also have 10% off Sportscraft/Saba gift cards with no apparent limit.

These offers are available in store only until December 27th. These gift cards may not be available in all stores, so it’s worth checking with your local store before you go.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for sending these in!

[Source: Woolworths]

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