EXPIRED: 15-18% off $30, $50 and $100 iTunes at Officeworks

Officeworks have followed Big W and are offering a comparable sale on iTunes gift cards.

For the most part it is the same – however the $30 gift card is selling for $24.50 which works out to a 18% discount.

As one of our Facebook members Wedeena pointed out you can potentially use the Big W discount to price match with Officeworks and get an additional 5% off using Officeworks Lowest Price Guarantee.

There is currently not an end date on this offer but I will keep a close watch.

There are limits to the number of cards you can purchase, however this varies depending on the value of the card.

Thank you to Ray, Ashwin, David, Daniel and Mark for the tips!

Thank you to Matthew for letting us know that Officeworks charges $5.95 for postage on gift cards so please factor that in if you are ordering online.

[Source: Officeworks]

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  • Karmski


This offer has ended. Tried all denominations. They will price match, but there are currently no other discounts running. 23/3

  • Claudette Andrie


I went into Officeworks today. They don't have any discounts on iTunes cards

  • Gavin Robertson


Go to the counter at OW with the cards you want and a copy of an advert (or similar) that shows they're available elsewhere at a lower price. They'll mark them down to 5% below the other retailers price. Various terms and conditions apply, check out the OW website.

  • Gavin Robertson


I went in store today to buy a card, and thought the offer must have ended, as there were no "Special Price" type signs on the cards, just a regular style OW price label. But they were all reduced.It's almost like they don't want you to think it's a bargain...

  • Nightflight Flight


coles express has 20% off itunes until 7th of march excluding $20

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