EXPIRED: 15% off iTunes Gift Cards at Australia Post 6-19 March

Now Australia Post have joined the mix and are now offering the standard 15% off iTunes Gift Cards from 6-19 March.

It would be great if they started offering a similar discount on a wider range of cards but at least we are consistently getting 15% off whenever we want!

Thank you to Mark for the tips!

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[Source: Australia Post]

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  • George Mon-Chiao Wu


I just bought $200 and $400 variable load itune card at Burwood auspost. No discount. I went back and asked why. The lady at auspost called head office. Apparently 15% only apply to $30 and $50 cards. There was no mention of this on their in store advertising, no one in the store knew. I asked for refund to buy in $50s, and was declined, saying 'the amount is too large'. And need to wait for 24 hours for activation. Be careful folks.

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