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Apple Grabs “iTunes Live” Trademark

Start up the speculation machine, for Apple has filed a trademark for “iTunes Live” and that could mean the long-rumoured live music sessions content is headed to the service soon.

Or it could just be another crazy patent filing in a long line of crazy Cupertino patent filings. But, for now, let’s have some speculative fun. It’s what mother would have wanted on her special day.

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Shopping trading hours for Anzac Day 2010

Due to some differences between states, I thought I’d summarise what the biggies (i.e. Big W, Target, Coles, etc) will be doing over the long weekend to make your iTunes bargain hunting more effective! Especially if you’re heading out to Target to get 25% off!

Click through for a summary of the nation’s trading hours…

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iPhone OS 4.0 all the details

Just a bit more than a year after we first laid eyes on iPhone OS 3.0, Apple is back with the latest big revision of the OS that powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iPhone OS 4 is shipping this summer (iPad in the fall), and the developer preview will be out today. iPhone 3GS and new-gen iPod touch will get all the features, but some features won’t make it to the iPhone 3G, original iPhone, and older iPod touches. The biggest new feature is multitasking, which Apple says is going to be the “best” implementation in the smartphone space, though it’s obviously not the first.

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Browsing ‘iTunes on sale’ is now easier on mobile devices

Good news! Browsing iTunes On Sale’ is now even easier on your iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry and Palm as I have just finished tweaking our mobile site! This should make it a little less stressful to find those specials when you’re out and about.

For iPhone/iPod touch users, if you click the “+” button and select “Add to Home Screen” you can have a snazzy ‘iTunes On Sale’ icon in your app list that will allow faster access to the mobile site.

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Apple now lets you send iPhone apps as gifts

If you’ve ever wanted to give an iPhone app to someone else — how many of you have wanted to buy games for your kids, for example? — Apple has good news for you: a “gift” feature is now enabled in the iTunes App Store. It works just like giving music has worked in the App Store for some time now: enter the contact details, and Apple sends the recipient an email with a link to collect their new apps. It’s that easy!

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Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.3

Apple has released iTunes 9.0.3, and it is now available via Software Update (98.1MB). iTunes 9.0.3 provides a number of important bug fixes, including: iTunes

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